Dray Potts

Artist, Musician, Teacher

Andrea in the dark

Artist Statement

All in life is transient and therefore, to me, excruciatingly beautiful. My art is an attempt to capture a moment of life's constant movement before the moment changes. It is my way of telling the truth, of revealing all that is there, of celebrating and mourning the moment as it passes, and of recognizing the significance of how each moment gives birth to the next. Life is a symphony, and through my art, I strive to capture one fragment of a measure, with every note in that fragment included, as well as the lingering hint of past sounds leading up to the moment, and the promise of those that might come after.

I most often reach for the acrylic paint because it has an intensity and versatility that excites me, but I do not chain myself to one method of expression, and will use many different tools, including a camera, watercolors, pen and ink, pencil, intaglio printmaking, woodblock prints, and even embroidery in my attempt to communicate that which inspires me. The process for me is every bit as important as the outcome, and each method teaches me more about myself. Ultimately, every piece I create is in some way a self-portrait, for I cannot escape the subjective reality of my existence.

My favorite subject is that which I feel I understand the best - being human in the world as we know it today, and how we create that world. For me, being a human, a moment is a very heavy thing, weighted with conflicting emotions - hopes and fears, joy and despair, love and hate - and all the emotions that exist between and outside of those. Each of us interacts with the world through and with the cacophony of all of that going on, and every interaction with someone else is a meshing of realities. The moments I attempt to capture are recognitions of my own feelings mirrored in my subject. Integrity is the foundation of my art, for I cannot paint what I see if I do not know myself well enough to know what it is I am seeing.

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